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Northwest River Forecast Center Employment Opportunities
The Northwest River Forecast Center is one of 13 National Weather Service hydrologic centers in the United States. This office specializes in flood and water resource forecasting, river modeling, and hydrologic system development. The center works with water management agencies to provide the best possible operations of the Columbia reservoir systems. The center is very active in recreational and navigational hydrologic forecasting.

Mission: is to save lives and decrease property damage by the issuance of flood warnings and river stage forecasts. Provide basic hydrologic forecast information for the Nation's economic and environmental well being. Provide extended forecast information for water resource management

Service Area: The area of responsibility encompasses over 285,768 square miles and includes parts of 7 states and western Canada. It is the second most hydrologic active River Center in the United States.

Employment Opportunities include hydrologists, meteorologists, and computer system specialist

Positions Available at Northwest River Forecast Center:

The NWRFC provides river forecasts and other related products, data, and information using National Weather Service baseline systems in combination with locally-created software applications. The IT Specialist position has primary responsibility for maintaining, developing, and implementing information technology solutions that are required to accomplish the NWRFC mission. The position will work closely with NWRFC management, forecast staff, and regional/national IT specialists to provide support and maintenance for state-of-the-art critical systems used by the office. Please see the official announcement for further information related to this position.

IT Specialist
USAJobs - NWS-WR-2018-0150 (current federal employees)
USAJobs - NWS-WR-2018-0151 (all qualified US citizens)

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